Healthy Sex Q & A

QHow can I make sex less painful?
It´s gotten to the point where I´m afraid to have sex with my boyfriend.

Anonymous in Los Angeles

A Dear Anonymous, we now know that nearly 1 in 3 women experience pain during sex. One condition associated with pain during intercourse is vulvodynia, a condition marked by chronic pain of the vulva which is the external portion of the vagina. More commonly, the woman´s pain may be caused be caused by everyday issues like vaginal dryness or certain sexual positions.

Fortunately, using a little bit of lubricant can make many sexual experiences more enjoyable. Another way to help decrease pain is to increase the time spent during foreplay. Foreplay helps increase vaginal lubrication as well as helping to pull the uterus upward, making more room in the vaginal canal and decreasing the chances your partner will hit the uterus during deep thrusting.

Emotional issues can also lead to painful sex and it´s important to explore those causes also.

If you still suffer from pain during sex, make sure to see your doctor and don´t be embarrassed to let him or her know what your symptoms are.