General Reviews
  •  Dr. Pacheco Thanks for giving me the confidence and enthusiasm to change my lifestyle. I am eating better, I am exercising regularly and I am happier than ever.
    Lydia H. Houston, TX
  •  Dr. Pacheco, My co-workers and I are using your products and we are very happy with the results.
    Dolores del Valle de San Fernando, CA
  •  Dr. Pacheco thanks for your high quality products and for the little gifts because now I will take care of my skin. Dr. Pacheco thanks for everything my family and I are very grateful.
    Gijermina F. Worth TX.
  •  Thanks Dr. Pacheco for thinking about the obesity of people. I am loosing weight slowly but I am very pleased. Thank you again.
    Cindy N.
  •  Dr. Pacheco on behalf of Mexicans i would like to thank you for the support you expressed for us on TV. last week on channel 29 for the crisis we are experiencing. God bless you Dr. Pacheco.
    Juan R.
  •  Dr. Pacheco Thanks for having such a spectacular treatments

Dr.P´s Original Okinawa Calcium Formula
  •  Dr. Pacheco, the Coral Calcium is great for my bones. Thanks for bringing this natural wonder!
    Alma, C. Los Angeles, CA
  •  Dr. Pacheco ... my back does not hurt as before. Thank you.
    Roberto H. Miami, FL
  •  Dr. Pacheco, thanks for recommending me the Okinawan Coral Calcium. My bones feel better when climbing many stairs to take the metro, Good Bye.
    Julia M.

Super Women´s Multi: Mujer Vital
  •  Dr. P, thank you so much for your help. Mujer Vital has been like a miracle for my mother and I. We feel so much better!
    Erica R.
  •  Dear Dr Pacheco, this is the best Women´s Vitamin I have ever taken. Thank you!!
    Sra. MarĂ­a A. San Jose, CA
  •  Dr Pacheco, I can´t believe what a difference your Mujer Vital has made for me. All my life I´ve been suffering from painful periods and Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) and in only one month of taking Mujer Vital I no longer have pain. God bless you. Thank you!
    Cecilia G.

Super Men´s Multi: Mega Hombre
  •  Dr. P, I feel like I have more energy at work and also when I get home with my wife. Thank you.
    Vicente R. Dallas, TX
  •  Dr. Pacheco, I feel content because I know I am doing something positive to help improve my health and this helps me provide for my family. God bless you.
    Antonio P. San Juan, PR
  •  Dr Pacheco, Mega Hombre is the best vitamin I have ever taken. Thank you.
    Ricardo L. Huntington Park, CA

Weight Loss: Sistema7 MAX
  •  I want to thank Dr. Pacheco for his very effective products ... I recently began taking Mujer Vital, and Sistema 7 and they are working great. I am very happy. Thank you.
    Vicente Cynthia S.
  •  Dr. Pacheco your Sistema 7 weight loss is the best compared to other diets, I lost 8 pounds in a month and I am very happy. Thank you.
  •  Dr Pacheco, I lost 26 pounds with Sistema 7 and I´m still losing weight! I feel great! I recommend it to all my friends. Thank you so much!
    Lily, Los Angeles

Weight Loss: Reductora7 Cream
  •  Dr. Pacheco, I still can´t believe it. Your R-7 Cream is incredible!
    Ana S. San Jose, CA.
  •  Dr. Pacheco, Your cellulite cream is truly marvelous!
    Lilly A. Newark, NJ.
  •  Dear Dr. Pacheco, Finally I don´t feel embarrassed anymore to wear skirts. I feel prettier! Thank you so much!
    Miriam C. Miami, FL.

Stress / Depression: Serenex
  •  I take Serenex and Mujer Vital because since the age of 19 I had a stroke caused by stress. Taking Serenex, the same day my left hand stoped feeling numb and I no longer feel stressed . Thanks for everything Dr. Pacheco. Anabel
  •  Dr. Pacheco I have 2 weeks with the treatment of Serenex, Mega Hombre and Calcium and have never felt better. My stress disappeared and I regained my energy because I feel healthy, Dr. Pacheco.
    Gilberto A., TX.

Detox / Cleansing Formulas
  •  Dear Dr. Pacheco I feel much better since taking your Liver and Kidney cleanse. Thanks again.
    Graciela M.
  •  Dr. Pacheco I have had problems with my bladder and infections and I really like that your Kidney Formula has cranberry in it. I also took the Liver formula and I feel great.
  •  Dr. P my doctor told me I have fatty liver and that Milk Thistle may help. I took your Liver formula and Mega Hombre and I´m feeling better. I recommend it to all my friends at work.